Born from an abundance of articles on how to help sex workers on Parlour Talk and Arousibility, The Ruby Umbrella is for people that don’t have the time or energy to spend browsing the internet scrawling through pages of information about online sex work. It can be overwhelming to take in all the information available and I want to help condense it down.

What makes The Ruby Umbrella different from other sex work education and information sites?

The Ruby Umbrella was created specifically for disabled and chronically ill people and sex worker parents. All people with serious demands on their time. I, Ruby, am disabled and have been for nearly all of my life. I’ve found that the rhetoric of ‘work until you drop’ is harmful, particularly when it’s the main narrative being pushed.

There are so many disabled or chronically ill sex workers, more than you think so I wanted to ensure no time was wasted when searching for advice.

Why would a disabled or chronically ill person become a sex worker?

  • It’s flexible – you can make your own hours.
  • Unlimited sick days, though it’s a fine line to walk as more sick days = more days without income or less income.  
  • Less input for more output, especially if you work something like clips where you can build a back catalogue of content people can buy whilst you’re ill.
  • Expend energy actually working not commuting. We can accommodate our needs without criticism or refusal.
  • Flexible around childcare needs, doctor’s appointments, and medication times.
  • Constant access to the bathroom and any access equipment you need.

The Ruby Umbrella was created to give you the information you need to know in a concise easy to digest accessible format. I want whatever I write to be useful to you – think of us like the cliff notes of online sex work.

As I grow the site, I hope to add other voices to the site. No one person has had the same experience of sex work as another, and that makes everybody unique. Everyone’s story is different, and everyone’s story has value. I’m always looking for new voices to share. At the moment, I’m primarily looking to share disabled/chronically ill sex worker stories and also stories of sex worker parents since they also have similar constraints on their time. A lot of sex worker parents are disabled as sex work covers such a massive intersection of society.

Currently, I’m funding The Ruby Umbrella through profits from Parlour Talk, Patreon, and affiliate links. In time I will consider accepting sponsored posts, but the main hub of information on The Ruby Umbrella will always be free to access for all.

Featured In


  • Eroticon 2018 – Disability & Sex Work: The Similarities, Differences & Social Stigmas