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Clip Sites

There are a lot many clip sites. New sites are popping up every single day, and the percentages are all over the place! We’ve focused on the main clip sites – the ones that have most of the traffic. This does not mean they’re the most reliable or without fault.

There are 2 types of clip sites, those that mainly focus on clips – like Clips4Sale, and those that have clips as an extra add on – like MFC. Nowadays that list is becoming blurred as it’s in the best interest of a site to offer everything so users and models don’t go elsewhere.

Over the next few months we’ll be building up our backlog of information on all the sites that we can find, but for now here are some of the most common clip sites, their percentages, and a quick FAQ.

Primarily Clip Sites:

  • ManyVids*: $0.06 per token
  • Clips4Sale: 60%
  • iWantClips: 60%
  • KinkBomb: 60%
  • AmateurPorn 70%

Clips as a bonus:

  • NiteFlirt*: 70%
  • MyFreeCams*: $0.05 per token
  • AdultWork: 64%


Should I only work on the highest paying sites?

It’s a good idea to upload to as many sites as you feel comfortable with and are able to. There’s an argument that it can ‘dilute your brand’, but by uploading to multiple sites you’re exposing yourself to different traffic and different audiences. However, if you are going to upload to multiple sites, start small. You don’t need to upload to 5 sites straight away, pick one or two and start there.

Are clips easy money?

No, clips are passive income, which means that once you’ve edited and uploaded them that’s it, you don’t need to do any more work. You can wake up to clip sales every day for the work you put in filming, editing, and uploading.

You mind find that you prefer producing clips over phone sex if you’re more introverted, conversely, as clips are mostly passive income you need money right now you mind find clips aren’t right for you.

If you have demands on your time you can batch film and release them gradually.

Can I make a living from just clips?

Yes. It is possible to make your entire income from clips, however, it is also possible you will make $0.00 from clips. It depends on what you want to film, the time you can commit, and the quality of your recording.

For those that models do make a living from clips, most don’t just make their money from clips. So, clip producers also cam, take phone calls and offer KIK and Skype sessions. Diversification is the best thing you can do for your business – big or small.

Which clip sites are the best?

Each clip site has a speciality, and each site has its own unique traffic. On Clips4Sale there is a lot of fetish traffic, and on iWantClips, there is a lot of FemDom traffic. ManyVids does well with vanilla, and KinkBomb leans more towards FemDom and fetish.

Unfortunately, morally no clip site is perfect. Each has ‘drama’ attached, and each has its fair share of unhappy models.

What equipment do I need?

The most basic equipment needed to film clips is a camera and light. That’s it. Nowadays iPhones/iPads/androids/laptops and even basic $50 webcams far outshine the quality of even 5 years ago. Some phones even film in 4K!

For lighting, natural light is your friend. Filming clips in front of a window is a free and easy light source, just be mindful of light fluctuations. Basic floor lamps placed either behind or directly in front of you will help with fill light, and make sure all the lamps in the room are on – unless you’re going for a moody look.

Focus on producing content and getting to the point where you could comfortably buy new lighting, then focus on a camera upgrade. Lighting can do wonders, and we highly recommended watching lighting tutorials on YouTube (we’re working on a basic guide to lighting).

What should I film?

There will be a whole page dedicated to this question soon, but for now the answer we’ll give is whatever you feel comfortable with.

It is of the utmost importance that whatever you’re putting up is what you feel comfortable with. There are a few reasons why:

Unfortunately, piracy happens.

There are sites that automatically try to scrape content and in today’s age whatever you upload will be there forever. Filming only what you’re comfortable with will help you to feel more at ease in the long run.

What does ‘only film what you’re comfortable with’ mean?

It means research is needed.

We highly suggest spending a good couple of hours on Clips4sale as it’s the most diverse clip site. Take a good long look through the fetish categories, and take notice of your reactions. Are you interested? Aroused? Squicked out? Wondering how a lawnmower can be a fetish?

Make a list of all the fetishes that interest you, the ones you’d maybe enjoy filming, and the ones that are a hard limit. From there take a look at individual clip artists for inspiration (but do not copy), and see what they do. Get a feel for the language used and the types of angles they use.

Research is your best friend, and only you will know what you’re comfortable with.

But what if I’m not comfortable with anything?

Then maybe filming clips isn’t for you, maybe you’d be more comfortable on the phone or even live camming. Ther care a LOT of options, and it’s okay to not feel comfortable doing one of them.

Hold up, I’ve heard clips are a good passive income. But I don’t know what to film/don’t enjoy the fetishes/don’t want to film anything. I just want to make the money.

There is a lot of money to be made from clips however, it’s hard work. Whilst we will break down the anatomy of a clip, there’s still a lot of time and energy that goes into production. The producers earning the big bucks have been working at it for years or were in the right place at the right time. This is especially true within the realms of Female Domination and Financial Domination. Some models regularly make $10,000+ a day, whilst some make $0-20/day.

The allure of clips is that you can make money whilst you sleep. However, to make a lot of money you generally need a decent back catalogue so people can purchase multiple clips leading to a bigger clip order, and that takes time, energy, and effort.

For example, I (Ruby) now have over 700 clips, and that enables me to wake up to orders where I’ve sold 50+ clips. Whilst, I still get orders with just 1 clip sale (usually the latest release), people usually purchase 2-3 clips if they’ve purchased a ‘tester clip‘ before. 

But it didn’t happen overnight. It’s taken well over 5 years to get to that amount of clips, and consistently make enough money from clips to cover my bills. Clips aren’t quick money, especially if you don’t have a pre-existing following.

I don’t enjoy this fetish, but it makes money.

Filming a fetish you might not enjoy so you can make money from it isn’t a bad idea – there are people filming many fetishes that don’t enjoy/understand/get aroused by them. It’s another fetish in their store they can use to make money.

An example: I film clips where I chew up gummy candy and pretend the candy has been naughty. I pretend I’m aroused by the chewing and chomping of the candy. I do not actually become aroused. 

Being a clip artist is akin to being an actor if it’s not a fetish you enjoy. Many act or put on an exaggerated performance to sell the clip and that’s not bad however, a lot of the people buying the clips know if you’re not being genuine. There are forums dedicated to those that ‘fake burp/fart’ and they feel cheated by those that use other means to produce an end.

The bottom line, you don’t have to film that fetish if it makes you uncomfortable (and you shouldn’t if it truly brings up something you don’t like). Go with your gut, and explore a new fetish.

Someone is offering $0,000 for a taboo fetish, should I film it?

Would you be ashamed of it? Would it be therapeutic to the client?

Is it right?

I got an email with a clip suggestion, should I film it?

Maybe. If it’s a 5-page long essay, then definitely send back your custom rates. You deserve to be paid for your time. If it’s a suggestion that will sell well, you could wait a few months and then film it.

Remember, it never hurts to send back your custom clip rates especially if it’s along the lines of a clip you were going to film anyway.

I’m chronically ill/a mom and want to make clips, but don’t know where to start.

Whilst we’ll have a full guide soon, the key to being a clip producer whilst chronically ill/having kids is to know what you can ‘getaway’ with within time restraints and mental or physical limitations.

  • Only got 10 minutes? Film shorter simpler clips to bulk up your store, then concentrate on longer clips when you’ve got more time.
  • Stuck in bed most of the time? Can you make a stand out of some books/things you have near to prop the camera up whilst you masturbate? It could be a cool ‘hidden behind the bedcovers’ shoot. Or can you place the camera at the foot of the bed whilst you wiggle your toes for 10 minutes?
  • Do you have stretch marks? There’s a fetish for that. Sneeze a bunch? It’s a fetish. Got the hiccups? An excellent fetish to make money in.

Whilst you might be at war with your body, it can make money doing the simplest things, and that’s the best place to start.

Example: After being a full-time clip producer with the expected quality of work, one day I said ‘fuck it’, and started filming short mostly faceless fetish clips on my phone. I did the bare minimum of editing to them – just a simple ‘clip name’ for the intro, lower third plain text watermark, and an end screen with my email address. I didn’t have lights. I didn’t prepare. I didn’t put on makeup or wear outfits, I just used what I had to hand and went for it. I picked a random fetish or body part and just showed off that area. 

Whilst I don’t keep that store up to date, I upload when I want to and it brings in an extra $100 or so a month. It was really nice to get back to basics and have clip making be simple again.


Clip making doesn’t have to be complicated, and you don’t need the best equipment or the biggest lights. All you need is a camera, some light, and a few minutes.

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