Disclosure and Policies


Throughout this website, there are some affiliate links. This means that we earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you, and only if you sign up with a link on our site or spend money on a product we recommend. we are also a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.

Not every site mentioned and/or recommended has an affiliate link.

Please note that we are very picky with the affiliates seen on this website. We only select, products, and sites that we have personally used, and recommend.

If you have any questions or concerns about this affiliate disclosure, please contact us. 


We am open to reviews via email for research projects/articles, but please be aware that it might take some time to get back to you due to chronic illness.

Our preferences for interviews is via text chat/email due to hearing loss. Interviews and podcasts that must be held via chat will require plenty of information beforehand – for example, questions, and interview structure.

Guest Posts

We do accept guest posts to RedUmbrellaAcademy.com. We’d love to have more voices on this website about topics that we’re not personally knowledgeable about, for example, trans issues, and penis entered issues – especially pertaining to disability, and more.

All guest posts must not be posted anywhere else and must contain unique content. If we find your post anywhere else on the internet, your post will be pulled from RedUmbrellaAcademy.com.

Anonymous guest posts on sex work, disability, and sexuality and more without links are accepted for free, subject to approval.

Sex Work Consultancy

We are highly knowledgeable about the sex industry and all the ins and outs of sex work. I – Ruby Rousson (also known as Mistress Rousson), have been a sex worker for over 7 years, and we have been involved within many different realms of sex work.

The consultancy I offer is primarily via email or text chat due to hearing loss.

Disability Consultancy


Are you a new sex toy company looking to make your products accessible? Want to have a second opinion before you spend thousands of pounds on production? Or do you have a store layout you’d like a wheelchair users opinion on?

Disability business, product consultancy, and n store accessibility cost to be discussed.


I – Ruby Rousson, have been disabled for all my sexual life. I am an ambulatory wheelchair user, with grip problems, sensation loss, chronic pain and more. I know finding the right sex toy is tricky, but that’s where I can help out.

Contact me if you think you’d benefit from my personal sex experience, and we’ll work something out. Price is on a sliding scale.


For that fee all social media promotion will be included, apart from graphics. Graphics must be sent along with the giveaway information as We do not provide design services for giveaways. Giveaways will be held over the course of a month, during which readers will be encouraged to visit, and follow the company on social media.

We am based in the UK, and welcome US/EU/CA giveaways.

Paid Product Reviews

Toys, books, lingerie, games, movies, documentaries, and more!

Unless a trusted affiliate, all product reviews must be paid, and must be paid in advance. The fee covers time spend testing the toy, photographing the toy, and writing the review.

All reviews are honest, and unbiased. We have a primary interest in reviewing toys, lingerie, and other products to be used during sex work, and thus will be brutally honest.

For further information, please see our reviews and sponsors policies page.

Paid Banner Advertising

Banner ads are available, and will be shown on every page of the blog. Price is on a sliding scale depending on your desired position.

  • Must not be explicit.
  • Must be a static image, and 250×250.

Advertising spots can not be reserved. For further information, please see our reviews and sponsors policies page.

Sponsored Posts

All sponsored posts will be declared at the top of the post, and will be written in my own words, and style. The content will be discussed in depth beforehand.

Copywriting Services

I – Ruby Rousson, have an extensive breadth of knowledge, and experiences when it comes to the adult industry. I have a focus on disability, and accessibility within sexuality, but I also product high quality reviews, and opinion pieces on important, and sometimes controversial topics.

If you would like me to product a quality post of 500+ words for your site or blog my fees are below.

  • 1 article – £100
  • 2 articles – £95 per article.
  • 3 articles – £90 per article.

These rates apply to both adult industry, and non adult industry articles.