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All the steps I go through before filming.4 min

Hello, internet. So I’m going to describe very briefly because I’m on a time crunch, the steps I go through with filming.

So as you can see, I have a face of makeup on. I never splashed out and did a fancy eye and some highlighter. I’m slowly learning how to do makeup. I got in a rut of doing the same face, and now I’m unlearning that rut to redo other faces.

At the moment, I have two… Well, one very wonky LED panel. Oh God, that hurt. I am talking and sorting at the same time. I try to make sure that the same height, although that one’s lower, and the same, the way facing, that way. Everyone does their lights differently. There is a proper way to do lights, but I just kind of shimmy around until I like the depth of them.

Last night, because I am chronically ill and have to take it in stages, I did my holographic nails. Which should have been two coats of black, but I was lazy. They look pretty though. I did my brows, I try to dye my brows occasionally because then that takes the stress of your eyebrows away. I also like quite a thick, bold brow, mostly because I wear massive glasses. I’m going to just… That light down a smidge. There were go, I think.

What else? So on the table in front of me. There is a table. I have a mirror, which I am generally always looking at to check my makeup. I have some [inaudible 00:01:39] for custom. Chewing sweets in my sharp teeth. I have a damp beauty blender. I have some double wear, stay in place, long-lasting SPF 10 makeup. Which seems to work with my skin. I don’t actually wear makeup that often nowadays. I normally don’t wear makeup.

I have a brush with some powder on, just to blot when I get a bit oily. Tissues, because red, hot light, you can guarantee there will be dust and it will get into my nose, and then I will sneeze. Batteries. I have another one that’s actually finished charging. That’s the key when filming. I do batch filming, so I always have to make sure I have a good charger, and I have at least two batteries that are fine.

A hairband, because this hairstyle is great, but it gets everywhere. I am just wearing pants right now because there’s no reason to get dressed on a film day. There is, for your morale, but I find that it’s easy if I don’t get dressed than like, here I have to get changed. And it’s all these little things. It’s all these little things.

I have what I’m wearing on my lips, which is just some lip balm and some gloss because I love a red lip, but I need to go out later. And I’ve got therapy. And as much as I’m going… This is my first time going to therapy with a full face. As much as I love going to therapy, I don’t really want to turn up in a red lip and look too severe.

I’ve been living off of Lucozade, because I’ve stopped caffeine for some silly reason. I have my laptop to the side of me. I also have my two phones and my phone charger. I have wipes, just in case I get makeup, lip gloss everywhere.

These are my lights. I’m just going to show you very quickly. Oh God, bright. Spooky. I recently stopped them. Sorry if that went in your eye. So it’s going to be interesting to see what happens. I’m filming in my lounge. You can see some of my plants. I like filming in here because it’s basically setup. With my office, now it’s more a craft room, I have to do everything. With my lounge, I have my sofa here, a white wall, and a little bit of décor to the side with some plants. So it works quite well.

I have… I am kind of rushing through this because I need to get started filming. But I thought this would be interesting. If it isn’t interesting, let me know. She says, trying to not show her tits. That’s for the paid videos.

I’m using a Joby GorillaPod. I think I got that right. And I’ve had this. It was a bit of an investment. I think it was 60 quid when I bought it. I’ve had it for ages, and it’s now my go-to for filming on. I’ve got tripods. B ut I love that I can tweak this. I love that I can stack it up on books. I love that I can hold it. It’s my favourite thing ever.

My camera is the Sony A6, A4, A5, A7. One of those. I’ll let you know. My hair. I showered yesterday because showering the same day as filming is a guaranteed, sure-fire way that I’m going to be tired and exhausted, and that I’m not actually going to get to it. Because I meant to film yesterday, and I showered. Guess what? My hands are hot. They’re very hot. I should really get an infrared camera, then you could see. That would be fun.

They’re not as bad as they could be, but I can feel my temperature rising. I have to turn all my fans off. I normally have my stand fan, and I have my aircon on, generally. But when I’m filming, I can’t put them on, because it’s noise, and I try to keep that separate from it, because fans just aren’t sexy. Background noise is not sexy.

I do keep my glasses on – these have anti-glare on them. I pay a little bit more for anti-glare. Because my vision is terrible. I’ve had a few people asked me to film without them on. And I’ve done that. Some of my clips, I don’t have my glasses on, the vast majority, I do, because my headaches are not worth it. A headache of not wearing glasses just to satisfy interest is not worth it.

I’m going to probably shoot one, I like to call them test clips. Just a quick, off the cuff clip to begin with. I have a battery of customs to get through. So I’ve been meaning to film for ages, but my health is like, “No, no you’re not going to film.”

And then I have two of the outfits I’m going to wear. I have an outfit for a custom, and then I will wing it. I’ve got a few more customs that I need to do. The other Mistressy look. But generally, I just kind of grab the first thing out of my closet to film with. That’s the clothes, that’s okay.

I like to do a little test thing to see what I’m looking at. To make sure the depth is okay, to make sure the audio’s working, to make sure I’ve got the right lens on, and to make sure my lighting is okay, and I quite like it. It’s okay with the current light outside.

And that is essentially what happens straight for camming! I do have a routine before camming. I have a routine after camming. I might show you them in time. But voila. This is literally my filming set up in my living room.

If you like it, let me know, and please, do subscribe. Hit that little follow bell because I have a bunch of clips that I’m currently editing that I filmed. I just go, and… What do you know? My health. But it’ll go up eventually, and if you want to be notified, click all the buttons. Just click all the buttons. Don’t click them twice though. Just click them once.

Until next time. See you.

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