Model Interview #1

What is your name?

Sunny Strange

How do you identify?


What are your pronouns?


Please give our readers a brief intro about yourself, the sites you work on, and your preferred medium – phone, text, clips, audio files, cam etc..

I’m a 23 (I think? I can’t remember anymore) year old disabled camgirl and a professional weirdo. I work on MFC, OF, and Sextpanther. My favorite medium is definitely photos. I like the opportunity to be creative but also have a little alone time while I’m working since it can be hard to be social sometimes.

How long have you been in the industry?

January will mark my first year as a camgirl! I’ve worked as a dominatrix, erotic author, and illustrated fetish porn for a few years before camming.

Do you work full time, or do you have a day job? And if you have a day job, do you wish you could work full time, or do you prefer having a ‘vanilla’ job.

I have a day job, sort of! I freelance as a graphic designer/illustrator and run my own Etsy store. I would go absolutely bananas without my vanilla job though. I get bored very, very easily and it’s nice having something else to focus on when I need a break.

If you feel comfortable disclosing, how much do you earn creating adult content?*

$10,000 – $15,000

How did you first discover the world of online porn?

Lord I’ve never actually thought about the answer to this until now and I miss my blissful ignorance. During my emo years, I discovered “Emo 7 Minutes in Heaven” quizzes that spit out softcore erotica at the end and I was embarrassingly into them and would read them for hours.  Now I feel the urge to see if those still exist…

What has your time in the adult industry taught you?

You have to have friends. It is so lonely and isolating sometimes. Make sure you have people you can talk to. The bad days are a whole lot worse when you’re on your own and it can be hard not to give up without support.

Do you have a favourite type of content to produce?

Yes! I love to make oddly specific themed shoots. I just finished an 80’s big hair-neon-mood light-glampire photoshoot that was really, really fun. I actually shot it all in my closet balancing my phone on my ukulele case which is officially the weirdest way I’ve taken a photo.

What are your favourite fetishes/kinks?

I love BDSM. I’m currently experimenting with rope bondage and am learning to tie different knots which has been really exciting! I’m just a giant nerd who wants to learn everything and experience as many kinks as possible.

What’s your ideal workday?

Waking up to snuggle with my cat and then a hot soak in the tub with my crazy disorganized digital post-it note list to make a loose plan for the day. After that I’ll check my socials, work inboxes, and make content sometime around lunch. If I still have energy in the early afternoon or evening I’ll cam. Somewhere in there I also fit in horror movies, crafting, housework, and taking care of the furry goblins.

If you could change one thing about your job, what would it be, and do you have any pet peeves (minor annoyances) of the adult industry?

I’m not sure what I could change, but my biggest pet peeve is tech issues! So much of our industry is digital. When a platform has major glitches and inadequate support it makes work that much more stressful.

How do you deal with the stress of sex work?

I’m a big stress case who doesn’t know how to relax so if one aspect of sex work is stressing me out too much I’ll find another way to occupy my time. Too peopley out there? Ok no camming I’ll just make content, and vice versa. Also hobbies!! Hobbies are everything. I like getting to be crafty. Naps and horror movies are fundamental to managing my stress too.

What would you like to see sites implement?

I’d love to see where my traffic is coming from. Are people finding me from Twitter? Is a particular tag popular? Was I recommended? I want data!!

What would you like to see sites get rid of?

Confusing algorithms! On some platforms, your cam score is hugely important but they’re also super vague about how it actually works. What’s an acceptable number? How much do certain things influence it?? I have questions.

Do you have any productivity tips related to sex work?

Don’t be me. Take more breaks!! I am a workaholic and it’s not always the healthiest. Sometimes it’s more productive to take a day off and recover then to force yourself to work on something when you’re not feeling it.

What do you think the future of sex work is going to be?

Decriminalization! Hopefully. More SW friendly social media platforms and payment processors would be great.

Finally, what’s one thing you wish you’d known before starting work in the adult industry?

I wish I’d known how addicting it can sometimes be. It’s so easy to get caught up in the sales, and the compliments, and the attention. I fall into the trap of being pressured to do more and be more so often and it’s draining trying to keep up with the pace. Everything can happen so fast it’s easy to feel left behind.

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