Model Interview #2

An interview with model Tilly Kush.2 min

What is your name?

Tilly Kush

How do you identify?


What are your pronouns?


Please give our readers a brief intro about yourself, the sites you work on, and your preferred medium – phone, text, clips, audio files, cam etc..

I create fetish clips, custom videos, photosets, sell panties, live stream, and lots more!

How long have you been in the industry?

Since February 2011

Do you work full time, or do you have a day job? And if you have a day job, do you wish you could work full time, or do you prefer having a ‘vanilla’ job.

I am a full-time cam model and clip maker

If you feel comfortable disclosing, how much do you earn creating adult content?*

$15,000 – $20,000

How did you first discover the world of online porn?

I always knew it existed somehow. I did years of research before signing up anywhere.

What has your time in the adult industry taught you?

A lot of things, good and bad. It has really shown me the kindness and generosity of some and the entitlement others have for the pornography they consume.

Do you have a favourite type of content to produce?

Fetish clips (smoking, belly button, voyeur).

What are your favourite fetishes/kinks?

Too many to list! Just depends on my mood.

What’s your ideal workday?

each day is different for me but I always keep a running to-do list for work and home tasks that need to get done. I spend a lot of time filming, editing, and also making time to live stream and do everything that needs to be done behind the scenes as well. My ideal workday is one where I am very productive and cross a lot off my list but also one where I sell lots of content is the perfect day for me!

If you could change one thing about your job, what would it be, and do you have any pet peeves (minor annoyances) of the adult industry?

Removing the negative stigma that is attached to working in this type of industry would be great. Also, the notion embedded in so many people’s psyche that “porn is free”.

How do you deal with the stress of sex work?

A lot of self-care. To me, that is making time for relaxing, being slow and thoughtful with myself. Baths, skincare, and treating myself to something good to eat whenever possible.

What would you like to see sites implement?

Better security for models and members alike. Better piracy protection.

What would you like to see sites get rid of?

Unlimited time watching in free chat. Maybe models should be able to set their own limitations for things like that. I’d also love to see more sites showcase lesser-known models rather than only promoting the top girls who are already getting great traffic and making the most money overall. A little love for the underdogs, the longtime streamers, and those who are creative but lesser-known would be fantastic.

Do you have any productivity tips related to sex work?

Keeping lists has always helped me stay on track and never forget what I need to get done.

What do you think the future of sex work is going to be?

I’m not sure. I doubt much will change anytime soon. Maybe more VR porn and sex robots?

Finally, what’s one thing you wish you’d known before starting work in the adult industry?

Watermark everything!

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