Model Interview #3

An interview with Luna Masters.2 min

What is your name?

Luna Masters

How do you identify?


What are your pronouns?


Please give our readers a brief intro about yourself, the sites you work on, and your preferred medium – phone, text, clips, audio files, cam etc..
I am a dominatrix turned fetish model. I prefer making clips and one on one chat.
How long have you been in the industry?

I have been doing various forms of sex work for 11 years, I started producing my clips 3 years ago.

Do you work full time, or do you have a day job? And if you have a day job, do you wish you could work full time, or do you prefer having a ‘vanilla’ job.

I am chronically ill and a stay at home parent. I sometimes wish I had a bit more time or energy for clip production.

If you feel comfortable disclosing, how much do you earn creating adult content?*


How did you first discover the world of online porn?

I started modelling for a couple of fetish production companies out of Portland Oregon between 2010 and 2012 and got curious about solo work. I read, watched and lurked on forums for years before creating my clip site accounts in 2016-2018.

What has your time in the adult industry taught you?

To keep expanding my skills because I will never know what could be useful to me later. Before I started producing clips I couldn’t really sew and now I’m making all my costumes for historical roleplaying videos and I’m constantly learning new things about set building and lighting.

Do you have a favourite type of content to produce?

Historical roleplaying. It gives me an excuse to nerd out before I start recording.

What are your favourite fetishes/kinks?

Corporeal punishment/spanking/impact and immersive roleplaying.

What’s your ideal workday?

I have two “work” days a week outside of chat clients where I record my content. The demands I pack into those days vary so much I’m happy if I just make it through that day’s to-do list.

How do you deal with the stress of sex work?

I make sure I take time away to unplug or turn my focus on life outside of work. I try not to pile up work and ideas on myself so I don’t get overwhelmed or too tired trying to meet my goals when I bit off more than I could chew. Having friends in the porn industry and other forms of sex work to talk to helps a lot.

What would you like to see sites implement?

More ways to find and interact with clip site members. I like the social set up ManyVids is trying out where you can post to a feed and follow models and members like Twitter or Facebook.

What would you like to see sites get rid of?

High payout minimums and twice monthly payout days. They can be discouraging when you’re just starting out and make it harder for lower income people to start and stay in the industry. Many models, including myself, find getting payout more often even if in smaller amounts is better than grinding away who knows how long to hit $100+ payout minimums and having to wait for payout days(on top of payment processing time) to receive your earnings. The whole structure leaves models scrambling and stressed when the minimum is just out of reach or payout timing doesn’t line up with bill due dates.

Do you have any productivity tips related to sex work?

Remind yourself you and your content don’t have to be perfect all the time. Clients will love your good enough. Don’t be afraid to show your special interests, you never know what kind of audience you might build around them.

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