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by The Ruby Umbrella

Sex work is seen as taboo on the internet, so expect that your account will get deleted. 


Whorephobia, capitalism, terms of service, and life. It sounds pessimistic, but unfortunately that’s the way it is. Also, if you expect to lose your account, you can plan for that eventuality instead of being solely reliant on it. Evolution is in the very nature of sex work, and social media is no exception.

Keep in mind that whilst social media is great, we recommend starting (if you don’t already have one) an email list. Depending on the provider (we’ll have a guide up soon) mailing lists allow for more freedom, and direct contact with the customer without limiting yourself to just that site. It means that if a site collapses, you have a way to contact your customers.

Popular social media sites:
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • Reddit
  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • Snapchat
  • TikTok
Popular social media sites you could join to grow your brand: 
  • TikTok
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
Friendly* social media sites: 
  • Discord
  • FetLife
  • Reddit


Unfriendly social media sites:  
  • Instagram
  • YouTube**
  • Snapchat
  • Tumblr
  • TikTok
  • Reddit***
  • Facebook

*As always, social media sites can change their mind at any time. By ‘friendly’, we mean sites that won’t boot you off for showing a little skin, sites that have a ‘NSFW’ option, and sites that sex workers gravitate towards.

**YouTube is a fickle site. Considering LGBTQ creators get demonitized and their videos removed, it seems sex workers have no hope. However, if you can upload SWF vlogs, tame ASMR videos, and maybe even product reviews the videos can be used to grow your reach. Keep in mind all content takes time to produce, and platforms take time to grow so weigh up the pros and cons first. You might be better filming clips for sites like Clip4Sale. 

***Reddit in on both lists because it IS technically sex worker ‘friendly’. It’s a great site to use for marketing, however you’ll find that people on Reddit expect everything for free. Whilst freebies can be great for promotion, don’t sell yourself short! Your time is worth money, you are worth it.

Basic Rules for Social Media Sites:

  • Twitter: You can post nudity to your Twitter timeline, however make sure there’s no nudity (or hint of nudity to be safe) in your avatar or banner header. Try not to allow too manny sites to post for you as that will get you shadow-banned – instead have a ‘promo‘ account where all your Tweet sales can be posted. This will keep Twitter from seeing your account as spam.
  • Tumblr: They have an ‘auto detection’ feature on photos if you show too much skin or your content is pornographic. Like YouTube it would be best to use Tumblr for SFW promotion. One way to use Tumblr is for ‘I’m online’ text only posts, however Tumblr has been known to block links for sites like ManyVids. 
  • Instagram: Instagram will allow certain people to break the rules (the Kardashians), but will shut accounts down just because they belong to sex workers. Of all the sites mentioned, Instagram is one the account that shuts down the most sex worker accounts without warning. Try to keep your account SFW, but know even then you won’t be safe. Always have a backup accounts where people can follow you.
  • Facebook: Be very careful with Facebook. Facebook has 0 tolerance for sex workers, models, photographers and even sex bloggers. If you’re able to make an account with your work name, you might find you don’t get through the checking stage. Also note that if you decide to use your personal account to create a fan page, there’s nothing to stop Facebook from recommending your account to people. 
  • Privacy for Facebook Sites: If you have Instagram on your personal phone, and you’re logged into your work Instagram and your personal Instagram on the same app, same phone – Instagram might recommend the people that follow you to follow your work account or personal account. 

In time, we’ll have a comprehensive guide for each site, so please keep checking back!