My Sex Work Story: How I Got into Sex Work, and Why

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Today I’m going to talk about my journey into sex work. A controversial topic, especially considering the current climate with SESTA, FOSTA, and the Digital Economy bill. But I think that’s why I need to talk about sex work and how I got into it because people don’t understand sex work.

There’s a lot of fear-mongering going around and sure, there is a reason for it. There is a reason people are worried, but sex work isn’t sex trafficking and that’s a distinction I want you to keep in your heads.

But onto a more light topic, how I got into sex work and why. Let’s get into sex work. First of all, I’m gonna ask you a question. What job could I do that would allow me as much time off as I have, as much freedom as I have and as much control over my working hours as I do? If you think of an answer that isn’t a freelancer or a sex worker, let me know in the comments down below. I’ve yet to come up with another option.

Sex work. I got into it in 2013. I got into it thanks to an old girlfriend of mine. She was into fetish modelling, and I jumped along. I was like, “Oh, this is okay. Let’s start that.”

At first, I was very shy in front of the camera. I do not like cameras. People in my personal life know I will run and hide from the camera. I go to great lengths. When I used to have long hair, you bet it was in front of my face. I’m still the same, to be honest. I still don’t like cameras. This is different. I’m used to this now. I’m all geared up to film fetish videos, hence the eyelashes. I don’t normally do these. And the glitter. But you’ve gotta admit, it is shiny.

Getting into sex work was a choice I made before I left university. I wasn’t coerced. I don’t have a pimp, though at the moment I’m jokingly referring to the Gent as my pimp. He’s helping me to actually work. He set everything up. He’s amazing. I wrote a post about it, wink, wink, nudge, nudge. But I chose this of my own volition.

I like my job. Hell, I love my job. I’ve known about sex, fetish, and BDSM from an extremely young age, and I didn’t find out through porn. I found out through good old fan fiction. Oh yes, I am an avid fanfiction reader, something I never used to admit.

Once I turned 18, I went to Mantras. I met people. I explored fetish BDSM in an extremely hedonistic way and it was at one of those lunches I met my ex. She was lovely. She was working at the time as a fetish model and a dominatrix and when I got with her, she started to get into clips. I helped her. I literally lent a hand. I would lend a hand when she needed spanking and just generally lend a hand if she needs to have a balloon held for her and things like that.

Fetish videos are complex and wonderful. I encourage you to go and see what type of fetish videos there are at some point. You will be amazed just how many things are fetishes. Lawnmower fetish, that’s all I’m saying. Lawnmower fetish.

But back then, I wasn’t in front of the camera. I’d lend a hand, and I did computer work. I built a website, I edited videos and wrote the descriptions. I didn’t star in any of them. It wasn’t until she started live camming, webcamming, that I got into it. I joined up with her, I signed up, I applied for an account, and I got accepted.

One day, I think, “Why not?” So I jumped on cam in a t-shirt that says, “Geek,” a white, a black top and jeggings. Oh yes, I wore jeggings for my first live cam stream. I didn’t plan it. I just did it and I made 75 pounds.

This was just before I left university. I’d tried other jobs but everything hurt. Everything meant that I had to take time off. I did silver service at one point. I was a waiter at one point. I helped with events catering at one point. All this stuff really hurt. It meant I took days to recover and it meant that I wasn’t doing my studies well because I had to earn money. I earned 75 pounds on a bed, sitting down, and working, talking to people for a couple of hours. I did admittedly flash my cleavage at them, first night and all, but I made 75 pounds.

As a student, with really big books with a really big price tag, that was amazing. So I did it again, and again, and again. I kept going, even after I broke up with my girlfriend, and I continued. I love my job. I’ve loved it since the first time I turned on that camera. Hell, I’ve loved it since the first time I helped my ex-girlfriend to film. I love fetish and BDSM. I’ve continued to love it because it’s given me freedom, and I know that everyone’s experience is individual.

Some people might try camming and it might not work for them. I will admit that camming is a lot of luck. Some people don’t wanna admit that camming is a lot of luck. Camming is a lot of your natural assets and generally being in the right place at the right time. There’s a lot of arbitrary coding and formulas to what determines your success, so camming shouldn’t be demonized.

There are some great videos on it and I will link down here. Places like Buzzfeed are now talking about camming in a rather positive light, which I’m very happy about, and that’s really how I got into camming.

Now I’m staying in camming because of all the reasons I mentioned as well. I am disabled, and I am very limited in what I can and can’t do nowadays. I spend most of my time sitting on a sofa that is behind the camera with my feet up. They can’t be down. When they’re down, they … well, they are not pleasant, I’ll tell you that. And I type, and I write and then I film fetish videos where my partner, the Gent, helps me. He helps me film in bursts of 5, 10 videos, then I can edit them whilst I’m on the sofa or whilst I’m in bed, upload them and still make money.

It is extremely difficult to be 24, disabled but looking fine, getting anyone to help you and even getting the government to help you. The first time I tried to apply for PIP, they rejected me. I literally got a letter stating how I was not disabled. I was still disabled at 19. I’ve been disabled since 12 really. I haven’t really been able to write since I was 12, or it’s been extremely painful. That’s another story.

So that’s why I stayed in camming. That’s why I started camming and that’s my camming story. I am gonna be talking more about camming on here and sex work, but I’m also gonna be talking about disabilities, lifestyle, and food. It’ll be a little bit of everything because that’s my life and that’s the other thing. I don’t just do sex work. I like thinking of ideas, plotting them out and then doing them I am a workaholic as you’ll soon see.

So thank you for listening and thank you for hopefully keeping an open mind. I’ll be back to talk to you more about sex work sometime soon. Please like and subscribe and leave a comment telling me if I’ve changed your preconceptions about sex work or sex workers.

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