Quick Tips

More quick tips will be added over time!

If we ever expand on a particular tip we’ll link to the page or post.

Time Wasters

  • Have a 3 email rule. Clients will try to get your content and time for free. Allow no more than 3 emails to be exchanged, or for you to send 2-3 emails before some form of payment is required. If more emails are needed (in the case of a custom clip), impose a small fee of $5/10 as a courtesy to you, especially if the emails are long.
  • Know that clients WILL try to scam your wish list. Make sure you have the gift in hand (even if they have to wait) before you give out any content. If they can’t wait,  tell them to tip or send you a gift card to purchase the item (buy it straight after since GCs can be cancelled). If they don’t pay, then you’ll know they were really interested.


  • Try to take a minimum of 10 random pictures when filming or camming. Having a stock of sexy pictures will come in handy for sites like LoyalFans, and social media promotion. You don’t have to edit them as you take them; just make sure they’re usable and carry on.
  • Short clips are good filler clips! Bolster your upload schedule with clips that are 2-4 minutes in length (2 minutes is the minimum upload length for clips on most sites). To make it more cohesive, turn the short clips into a series. This is popular within FemDom clips where a 2-minute clip can be a ‘rip off’ clip or clips that instruct the viewer to do x amount of tasks.
  • Forgot to turn the microphone on? Keep the footage! If you need to bulk a tease clip out, edit the footage to just include the ‘sexier’ bits. Film mindfuck? Layer newly recorded audio on top of the footage for a disconnect that will have the viewer mindfucked into bliss.


  • Here’s our favourite 4-minute basic lighting tutorial.
  • If in doubt, turn on all lighting in the room, then place a light behind you and in front of you.
  • Don’t dismiss the power of a big ring light with all the lights off! It works great for moody clips or mind fuck, vamp, and mesmerise content.
  • When recording on your phone, a phone ring light works well. You can even get cases (the Lumee case springs to mind) that have been made specifically for lighting the perfect selfie.


  • Sending out regular $2-$5 pay-to-view messages will soon add up, even if only a few people purchase them.
  • At the bare minimum, you want to be uploading at least 1 piece of content a day. It will keep your subscribers coming back to check your page and potentially open any new paid mail that’s waiting for them.
  • Sell clips on your fan clubs! Create a basic graphic with an enticing still from each clip, pop the price underneath and tell them to contact you to purchase. Some sites (like AVN) now offer a clip section that works like a regular clip store.
  • Continually upsell your content. For example: ‘Oh! If you love this clip, you might also love this one, and as a treat, if you purchase it now, I’ll knock $1 off just for you!’

Clip Sites

  • The most popular clip format is MP4, and WMV is a close second.
  • Clips4Sale allows 4 additional versions (sometimes they change this rule). Releasing the maximum number of clips will allow greater exposure. Use programs like Wondershare Video Converter to convert your clips.
  • Customers prefer smaller clips. Try using Handbrake to compress your clips without losing quality. Take note of the frame rate your clip has been shot in, and then decide on the compression speed – fast means bigger files, and small means smaller files.

Webcam Sites

  • If you’re exhausted, try focusing the camera on your cleavage/boobs/butt for a brief period to rest.
  • Prizes and games of chance are a great way to lure in new tippers. A simple game of ‘tip any number from 1-100 and win a prize’ is very tempting. The tips will also accumulate when it’s a slow period.
  • Consider creating an incentive for new users to sign up for the site with your affiliate link.

Phone Sites

  • Don’t know what to say? Keep a basic script to hand (we’ll be releasing these soon). Write out an intro, a few lines for when things are quiet, and an outro with a request for them to rate you.
  • If you have phone anxiety, don’t worry. The client generally does all the talking. Coax their fantasy out of them by asking open-ended questions, then repeat what they’ve said. Even if you’re a Dominant, let them lead the session to make it easier on yourself, especially if you’re just starting out.


  • Run your images through an Exif data remover if you’re unsure about the information embedded in your image. This is my favourite programme.
  • Did your iPhone take HEIC pictures by mistake? Don’t worry! Download a free HEIC converter so you can upload your pictures.


  • Whilst a watermark won’t deter people from downloading your content and uploading it to other sites, it does provide a signpost for people to know who you are or where to find your website. However, there are pirates that go through the effort of removing the watermark, but the harder you make it for them, the better!
  • Know that there are some clip and cam show pirate sites based where DMCAs don’t mean anything. So keep that in mind if you’re banking on sending out DMCAs to get your content removed if you retire. After all, nowadays, what’s on the internet stays on the internet.
  • Do NOT send a DMCA with your legal name. There’s a database where the name you submit will show up alongside the link you’re submitting the DMCA for.
  • Most clip sites offer a DMCA service. Use it routinely and don’t be afraid to send the link a few times if the content hasn’t been taken down yet.


  • Amazon has deleted sex worker wish lists in the past. To stay under the radar, make sure your list isn’t attached to your personal Amazon account/email, and do not mention gifts in exchange for sexual acts or content.
  • Speaking of, Amazon will NOT protect you. Full stop. Even if you only accept Amazon-only items, the drivers can and will take images of the place they’ve dropped off the parcel – your home, your PO Box place, a friend’s etc.
  • If you want to accept gifts, for your safety, you must look into getting a PO Box. However, double-check their policies as not all PO Boxes will protect your identity if someone asks who owns the PO Box (more on PO Boxes coming soon).