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A few weeks ago I started writing a post on the Digital Economy Bill, and my take on what the implications the bill would have. A few weeks later, the bill has changed, I’ve been ill, and my brain refuses to co-operate with me. So, instead, I’ve deiced instead to compile a master post of The Digital Economy Bill links and resources.

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What can you do?


Write to your MP. Tweet about the bill. Sign petitions. Tell your friends.

Information is power, and at the moment even though the bill is now law not many people know what the bill is, or what it’s about to do. Granted, for some porn and sexuality is embarrassing to talk about, but that is what the government is banking on. The only way anything will change is if people talk about it.

My Thoughts

Prop60 was an amazing example of how an industry came together to fight a government impinging on personal freedom. The Digital Economy bill had no such backing. The bill is sandwiched in between issues no one wants to stop passing. It’s also a bill that targets minority communities, or the communities seen as less desirable – the elderly, and the disabled, and finally, the ‘outcasts’ if you will – the porn industry. Alongside this, there’s Brexit, and now another election. Whatever your political position, as far as many see it this bill pales in comparison to what the government is currently dealing with. It will be swept up with many minor bills that will impact many.

I got into this industry because I love the freedom and creative expression that comes with it. Now, my creativity, voice, and ability to earn money as a producer, but also as someone who can’t physically do a 9-5 job, are about to be restricted. I have no clue how my business will suffer under this bill, or if I’ll be able to continue earning an amount that will allow me to access better (sometimes private) healthcare, education, and food for my dietary requirements.

The bottom line, I’m terrified. And you should be too. Some have called porn the equivalent of a canary in the coal mine. After all, once they start censoring the acts you see on screen between two consensual adults, whether or not you agree with them, how long until they realise they can – and will, censor more?

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