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If you would like a paid review or sponsored content, send us an email.

Please keep in mind that our content reaches audiences that are 18+.

Sponsored Content

Sponsored content can be anything from promoting websites and events to writing a piece of erotica featuring new products (though not a review).

  • The Ruby Umbrella does not give strict time frames for sponsored content as chronic illnesses make it difficult to plan time frames.
  • A brief may be given to avoid confusion and multiple revisions over the final product, but all sponsored posts are written by Arousiblity. We do not accept pre-written content.
  • All sponsored posts will be declared.
  • Nofollow links will be used.
  • Payment is due upfront.

What sponsored content includes:

Product Reviews

  • If you send The Ruby Umbrella an item to review, you acknowledge that whatever we post will be honest and unbiased. We do not guarantee a positive review. No compensation will be given for negative reviews, nor will the review be taken down.
  • We do not give time frames for review. If you would like your product reviewed within a certain time, we will try, but there is no guarantee.
  • All products MUST be body-safe (silicon, glass, metal, etc.) – if you send us something that isn’t a body-safe toy, we reserve the right not to review it.
  • If you send extra items along with the pre-agreed items, that does not mean we will review them on, which means they are a gift.
  • We are not responsible for paying the shipping or customs costs of a product. If a product gets stuck at customs, we will provide you with the information needed to pay the fee.
  • If an item gets lost during shipping, you may not ask for compensation. If the review is negative, you may not ask for compensation.
  • We will always disclose when we receive a product that’s been sent for review. If you continually ask otherwise, you will be blacklisted.
  • If your company stops stocking the item or the affiliate scheme closes, we reserve the right to link to it via an affiliate/company that does stock it.

What your review includes:

  • Multiple HD photos.
  • A thorough review, including accessibility points.
  • Frequent social media promotion. We use this blog, The Ruby Umbrella & Ruby Rousson Twitter accounts,  YouTube, and The Ruby Umbrella Instagram for social media.
  • A nofollow link on
  • The possibility of a video unboxing on our YouTube channel for an added fee.

Morality Clause

If your company is found to be in any way ableist, sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, fat-shaming, condone non-consent, harassment or assault, or any other action which is deemed to be oppressive, reserves the right to (with immediate effect) cut ties with said company, and pull or withhold any banner advertisements, and disclose the behaviour of the company on past posts – sponsored or reviews.

If this happens, no compensation or notice will be given.

This morality clause applies to all reviews, sponsored content, guest posts, giveaways, and ads.


The Ruby Umbrella is a semi-anonymous blog. By working with The Ruby Umbrella, you agree to uphold our privacy. If you are found to be sharing any of our personal information, legal action will be taken.