How to work when confined to a bed.

Llife makes fools of us all on its own timelines.2 min

In a perfect world, we would all have lots of warning and time to plan before falling sick or injured, if we ever felt pain at all. In an ideal world, nobody would ever get sick. This is the real world though, and life makes fools of us all on its own timelines and for its own amusement. So, what do you do when you can no longer do what you’re used to doing?

The most important thing to do is put your health first, and then get creative to make your work and your life get flexible around your current capabilities. Forget about what you used to do, that’s not your life anymore. It will be hard, but fully switching into this new routine sooner will make the transition at least a little easier and reduce the strain of the mental burden during vital healing when recovery should be relaxed. The worst part will be dealing with the emotional struggles, so it’s imperative you keep your work focused on ways that you can manage and sustain while you weather the storm.

Some content that may be easier to produce when bedridden could include selling audio files, photoshopping old pictures to include text captions that build up to erotic stories, set pictures to audio files and sell them as “erotic audio-video” files, write write write write write anything and everything, blog often, anything that can be filmed from bed (feet, toes, hands, yawning, sneezing, talking, general body part fetishes, etc), start selling content on a new website you haven’t used before by uploading your archives (yes, even the bad stuff!) consistently to drive daily traffic to your new income venture without getting up.

Things you can do to improve your business and skill set while bedridden: research social media marketing techniques, learn new editing skills for audio/video/image files by researching online (there are LOTS of free in-depth classes and tutorials if you know where to look or how to research), speak with other prominent leaders of your preferred industry (interested in making and selling clips? Follow your favorite studios on social media and tell them you like them! Creative company breeds mutually profitable relationships), research trending topics on video streaming websites, browse through any and all of the top 100 selling videos on your favorite adult video website to get an idea of what the masses want, or keep an idea of personal notes that you refer to for work inspiration.

If you’re going to be bedbound for a while, like if you’re anticipating surgery or a lengthy recovery, planning ahead by filming as frequently as you can will come in handy later. It will be exhausting, but it could mean the difference between a comfortable income and being very hungry when you need to be stress-free most. Start with just one or two videos a day, at 5 minutes each, and stash them all to be edited or released during your rest period. It will be hard to clearly type your thoughts during major healing, depending on the depth of your physical trauma, but having everything pre-filmed and/or edited will save you many headaches later and will allow you to rest easier.

Being self-employed while bed bound is not the end of your career. It will be difficult in more ways than you could possibly imagine, but you can still prepare to make your healing as easy as possible. Being self-employed while managing a serious illness or injury can provide for a uniquely healing situation that allows you to stay close to home when you need to most. Start with small, sustainable additions to your work schedule and keep your focus on your health while managing your expectations. Success will redefine itself for you as you prioritize long term stability and health. As your health improves, so too can you slowly increase your workload until your career is the ideal match for your healthcare needs.

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