Write for The Ruby Umbrella

We want you to join the conversation.

We’re looking for writers from all backgrounds. We want to help change the stigma surrounding sex work and disability and we want to have multiple people with disabilities talk about how they work best, what they’ve learnt and normalise being a disabled sex work and/or a parent.

Above all, we want to help people understand that expressing their sexuality is normal – no matter their body or brain.

  • Pay: We pay £25 per blog post and will require a proper invoice to be able to pay you. We can pay through Paypal or direct bank transfer (in the UK only).
  • Pitch: 500-1500 words. All pieces must be unique and must have not been posted before on other sites. Posts will be checked prior to publishing.
  • What we need from you: Please also include your social media handles, bio pictures, pronouns, and website. If you’d like to stay anonymous, that’s also possible.
  • Gender-Neutral Language: We want everyone to feel comfortable here at Arousibility, and if your post contains gendered language we will ask you to change it to gender-neutral language – they/them/theirs. The only exceptions are for posts where you’re personally recounting your own experience.
  • Lived Experience: It is important to us to platform marginalised voices. Therefore, we will only publish pieces from the perspective of the person with the lived experience of the subject, for example: when writing about sex, a sex workers’ voice will be prioritised over the voice of a non-sex worker. We feel there aren’t enough platforms for marginalised voices, and we’re working hard to fix that.

Disclaimer: Not all pitches will be accepted. Pitches may be edited for clarity, grammar, or spelling. If larger edits are needed the post will be sent back for approval before posting.

The Ruby Umbrella does not accept guest posts on behalf of companies, please view our sponsored posts page.